George Floyd

There is little doubt that George Floyd, a very large and muscular man who was a drug addict with heart disease and hypertension, died of a self-inflicted deadly drug overdose of fentanyl and methamphetamine while being arrested for passing a counterfeit $20 bill, resisting arrest, and being detained till EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians) arrived.
The EMT were called because George Floyd was bleeding after struggling with 3 or 4 of the police officers who were trying to load him into the vehicle where he had also spit out lethal drugs (fentanyl) that he was either hiding in his mouth or had vomited.

The complete age-restricted body camera video below of the arresting officer clearly records the officer asking George Floyd if he is "on something right now" because he is "acting a little erratic" and asks George Floyd "You got foam around your mouth, too?", as George Floyd is crying and saying "Please man" throughout his arrest.
Refer to the complete transcript of that video for case 27-CR-20-12951 in the file GeorgeFloyd_Transcript.pdf for the exact words used.
Note too that Derek Chauvin did not arrive at the scene till after George Floyd was being arrested and that Derek Chauvin did not even touch George Floyd until after George Floyd started saying "I can't breathe" while struggling with the other police officers.

RAW: George Floyd Minneapolis police body camera footage

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As shown in the video image to the left below, the vast majority of Americans (including the author) got the totally WRONG first impression by believing what appeared to be Derek Chauvin nonchalantly having his hand in his pocket,
while George Floyd was resisting arrest,
while George Floyd was kicking at the officers who considered restraining him using the Hobble that George Floyd begged them not to,
while George Floyd was breathing and speaking clearly,
while George Floyd was claiming that "I can't breathe", as he was saying before Derek Chauvin even touched him,
while George Floyd was calling out for his sex and drug partner of three (3) years, "Mama".
However the fact is, as shown in the video images to the right below, Derek Chauvin was wearing dark colored gloves which blended in with his black uniform pants which led people to incorrectly believe that he had his hand in his pocket. At no point does the video show his hand in his pocket.

Many spread the "disinformation" on Social Media that:

"If George Floyd were resisting, Chauvin's hands wouldn't have been in his pockets"
The irresponsible mainstream media deceived the public with their "disinformation" such as in the Analysis by John Blake of CNN who wrote:
"His sunglasses are perched on his head and his hands rest in his pocket."
Some even testified during the trial with the "disinformation" that:
"...he had his hand in his pocket"

The video below shows when it was first learned that "Mama" was not George Floyd's mother who he was calling out for, but was indeed his sex and drug partner of three (3) years, "Mama" as he had her stored in his phone as.

"Mama" George Floyd's Girlfriend Testifies in MN v. Derek Chauvin | COURT TV

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The video image below shows when "Mama" looks at the jury and realizes that they now understand that "Mama" was not George Floyd's mother who he was calling out for (as the manipulative mainstream media was reporting in their "disinformation"), but was in fact her, "Mama", that he was calling out for.

The most disgusting and dastardly deception (i.e. "disinformation") during that trial is the fact that Dr. Martin Tobin DELIBERATELY deceived the jurors in his deceptive testimony in the body camera video at Dr. Martin Tobin Deliberately Deceives Jurors when Tobin claimed that George Floyd was pushing on the tire with this fingers and knuckles to get air into his lungs.
The FACT is, as shown in the complete video at "I CAN Breathe AND Speak!", tagged when George Floyd put his fingers and knuckles against that tire, George Floyd was still on his left side breathing and speaking clearly (e.g. calling for "Mama") while the officers considered restraining George Floyd using the Hobble.
In fact, George Floyd took his fingers and knuckles off the tire at 12 minutes into the video and was breathing deeply and speaking clearly for over 4 minutes while only occasionally touching the street with his fingers till it appears that he finally calmed down and stopped resisting as the officers had been telling him to do from the beginning.

Note the following when watching that portion of the body camera video at "I CAN Breathe AND Speak!"

After the prosecutors, Dr. Tobin, BLM, the manipulative mainstream media and others managed to mangle and mutilate the truth with their "disinformation", jurors were concerned for the lives of their families and for the entire community as one stated below:


The criminal history of George Floyd follows:

CONVICTED FELON (verified and confirmed)
Convicted Armed Robbery: Multiple Times
Convicted Thief: Multiple Times
Federal Felony Criminal Fraud: Passing Counterfeit Currency
Convicted Illicit Drug Distribution: Multiple Times
Convicted Illicit Drug Possession: Multiple Times
Convicted Criminal Trespass
Illicit Drug Addict
Driving without License
Driving without Insurance

The following information is included in Harris County District, Texas Court Documents regarding George Floyd:

  1. August 2, 1997: Convicted Felony Delivery Controlled Substance
    See criminal case Complaint 0759780 Complaint
    See criminal case Judgement 0759780 Judgement
  2. August 21, 1998: Convicted Felony Aggravated Robbery, Theft
    See criminal case Complaint 0793796 Complaint
    See criminal case Judgement 0793796 Judgement
  3. October 22, 1998: Convicted Theft
    See criminal case Judgement 9849559 Judgement
  4. August 29, 2001: Convicted Failure to identify to Police Officer
    See criminal case Judgement 1075778 Judgement
  5. October 29, 2002: Convicted Felony Possession of Controlled Substance
    See criminal case Complaint 0928869 Complaint
    See criminal case Judgement 0928869 Judgement
  6. April 23, 2002: Criminal Trespass
    See criminal case Complaint 1151777 Complaint
    See criminal case Judgement 1151777 Judgement
  7. February 5, 2004: Convicted Felony Deliver Controlled Substance
    See criminal case Complaint 0976589 Complaint
    See criminal case Judgement 0976589 Judgement
  8. December 15, 2005: Convicted Felony Possession of Controlled Substance
    See criminal case Judgement 1050473 Judgement
  9. August 9, 2007: Convicted Felony Aggravated Robbery using Deadly Weapon
    See criminal case Complaint 1143230 Complaint
    See criminal case Judgement 1143230 Judgement

The following information is included in Minnesota Court Records regarding George Floyd:

  1. August 21, 2017: Convicted No Drivers License
    See criminal case 27-VB-17-250861
  2. April 14, 2018: Convicted No Drivers License, Uninsured Vehicle
    See criminal case 27-VB-18-128822

In the video below, the various charges of degrees of severity are discussed and the verdict is read at 1 hour and 2 minutes into the video.
Note that the individual is still under the incorrect impression that the officer had his hand in his pocket. The officer never had his hand in his pocket.


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CANDACE OWENS: George Floyd is NOT a Hero

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NOTE: Snopes and others attempt to discredit the above by using slightly different wording and suggestions as listed below:

  1. Use the words "jail sentences" instead of "prison time".
  2. Use the word "theft" instead of "armed robbery".
  3. Suggest that the woman who George Floyd held at gunpoint might not have been pregnant.
  4. Suggest that it is an "exaggeration" that George Floyd "was high on meth", even though it was proven that he was indeed on fentanyl and methamphetamine that he had overdosed on several times before, and was also hospitalized for before.
  5. Suggest that just because George Floyd was in the driver's seat with his hands on the steering wheel of his blue Mercedes-Benz SUV that he might not have been "getting ready to drive a car".


The final victims of George Floyd are the four (4) police officers Derek Chauvin, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane, and Tou Thao.

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