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Thank you for visiting this Internet web site for those who Want The Facts (WTF) and who want to know who Withheld The Facts (WTF) in this horribly unjust court case in the United States of America (USA).

The incompetent Judge deliberately withheld crucial, FACTUAL, and relevant evidence from the Jury, which was clearly intimidated by rioters, looters, and arsonists threatening to riot and yelling "No Justice!, No Peace!" and "Burn it down!" just outside the courthouse where the jury clearly heard and were obviously concerned by those threats and demands.

America shall not be intimidated by rioters, looters, and arsonists as we utilize our "Freedom Of Speech", that our brave military men and women give their lives and limbs to protect, as we present the FACTS about this horrific injustice as is our civic and moral responsibility to do for our fellow Law-Abiding American citizens.


The information presented on this web site and the associated pages is publicly-available, has been verified to be true and accurate by actual court documents, police body camera video and transcripts, 911 calls, including 911 calls that are synchronized with associated videos, and more.
The verified information has also been confirmed to be true and accurate by multiple Liberal and Conservative sources.
Because the information is publicly-available and has been verified and confirmed to be true, it is impossible to be sued for defamation of character or any other nonsense.
As described at https://wikidiff.com/verify/confirm:
"As verbs the difference between verify and confirm is that verify is to substantiate or prove the truth of something while confirm is to strengthen; to make firm or resolute."

Refer to the web site below about Greg and Travis McMichael, both Honorably discharged Veterans, who fully complied with Georgia Law while waiting for law enforcement to arrive:


Refer to the link below about Ahmaud Arbery, the repeatedly convicted felon, whose own mother called 911 to warn law enforcement that he had a "mental condition" that had "escalated" over time making him "violent" if confronted, and who convenience store witnesses named "the jogger" for his repeated conduct and behavior of running up, stretching in front in, and then entering several convenience stores where he would grab items and run out before he could be caught:

NOTE: You must click on any of the underlined text below to go to the web page that includes the verified and confirmed facts regarding Ahmaud Arbery and this case:

Relevant FACTS about Ahmaud Arbery
that were unjustly withheld from the Jury


CONVICTED FELON (verified and confirmed)
Convicted Thief: Multiple Times
Convicted Unlawful Gun Possession: Brought loaded gun to a high school, officers injured
Convicted Felony Resisting Arrest: Officers injured
Convicted Illicit Drug Offences
Police Reports: Frequently used "Jogging" as a cover to facilitate/excuse theft activities
Police Reports: Seen on several security cameras several times prowling around at night (and day)
Illicit Drug Addict
Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor
Serious Mental Condition: Mother knew for years that he had a "mental condition" that had "escalated" over time making him "violent" if confronted

Police Body Camera Videos Of
Ahmaud Arbery

Police body camera video showing Ahmaud Arbery being arrested for stealing a 65 inch TV from Walmart:

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Police body camera video in another case of Ahmaud Arbery being questioned about illicit drug activity and is threatening police saying:
"Bitch you hit me with that shit, bitch, you gonna be fucked up."
as documented in the police video transcript:

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Police body camera video in another case showing Ahmaud Arbery while handcuffed in the back seat of the police car arguing with and yelling at the police, the (black) police officer slams the door in Ahmaud Arbery's face, not once, but twice. And yet again, Ahmaud Arbery claims he was only out "running" while running away from the police:

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Ahmaud Arbery Facts
Described By Others

Analysis of the FACTS by former Police Officer Brandon Tatum:

Ahmaud Arbery case should end in a NOT GUILTY VERDICT

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Analysis of the FACTS by Candace Owens:

Candace Owens Comments on Ahmaud Arbery and LeBron James from Facebook

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Support For Gregory and Travis McMichael

Most importantly, please consider helping in the appeal case at the link below:

McMichael's Appeal for Fairness and Truth

Letters of encouragement and support may be written to Greg and Travis at the following U.S. mail addresses:

Greg McMichael 1003053181
Augusta State Medical Prison
3001 Gordon Highway
Groveton, GA 30813

Travis McMichael 10030553360
Hays State Prison
P.O Box 668
Trion, GA 30753

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Tens of millions of Law-Abiding Americans are "mad as hell" about the evils that have infested this once great country.
Please join us as we peacefully and patriotically make our voices heard.
Note too that this is not the only unjust court case that was corrupted by rioters, looters, and arsonists who Worship their career criminals.
P.S. Also see the web sites ABCsOfEvil.com and ABCsOfBetrayal.com.

Thank You USA

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